Adiona – Adiona Brings Them Home

Give Your Child The Best Chance Of Finding You

The Adiona SmartBand stores all your contact information to reunite you with your child if they're lost.

With just a tap of a phone.

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What Would You Do?

A child is reported missing every 72 seconds in the UK*

Here at Adiona we believe we can do more to find lost children, and help those children home.

Using our SmartBand you can enable your child to carry all your information and get them back to you.

Your Information, On Their Wrists

👨 Store your profile photos

📱 Store your phone numbers

💊 Store your child's medical requirements

See Where They Are

📍 Your child's finder is prompted to call you and share their location

💬 You receive a text with a link to your child's GPS co-ordinates, pre-loaded in to Google Maps

🗺 See directions from your location to theirs

Get them back

🚫 No app required. Not by you, nor by your child's finder.

👍 Lifetime guarantee

📦 Free 14-day returns

How Does The SmartBand Work?

Read our story from our co-founder, Milly.

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