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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the SmartBands are focussed on storing contact details, important medical information and the tools to reunite you. The person who locates your child is encouraged to share their location with the you.

We have thought long and hard about how to make the SmartBands as safe as possible for children. We are parents ourselves and know how important it is to ensure the SmartBand cannot be used for malicious purposes. For this reason, we encourage the parents/guardians to ensure that they do not include their child’s name or their own names in the profile.

The parent or guardian simply holds their NFC-enabled phone over the descriptive icon and taps the pop-up on their phone, taking them to register their bands and fill in their profile. When the profile is accessed again in a similar fashion, the user can call the parents, share their location and has the tools to support the child while they wait for their parent/guardian (ie. if they are scared of dogs, this could be included). The bands are completely wire-free and do not require charging or batteries.

If your phone was made after 2017 then it probably has built-in NFC. One definite way to know is if you have Apple Pay or Google Pay set up. If you’re still not sure, please see our list of NFC-enabled phones from this page.

Neither you nor your child's finder need an app to access the information from the SmartBand. Your profile is stored securely in the cloud and accessed through a common web browser.

As soon as your child can walk (and wander off!) up to age 8 are suitable ages for the SmartBand.

We are so confident in our SmartBands that we provide a lifetime guarantee for them. If you need to replace them for whatever reason we’ll send you a new one. We’ll even pay for postage!

We’ll pay for 2nd class postage on any purchase you make. If you’d like to get your SmartBand faster then 1st class postage is just £1.99

Not yet. We plan to ship overseas in the very near future so stay tuned!

Each SmartBand requires a unique email address and password associated with it.

We are aware that some users would like a single account login to manage multiple SmartBand profiles, and this is a feature we plan on implementing in the near future! If you would be interested to know when we roll this out please sign up to our Newsletter, found in the footer of our main page.