Our Story – Adiona Brings Them Home

Our Story

Milly Stedman, Co-Founder of Adiona

Hi, I'm Milly.

I created Adiona with my husband to achieve one goal...to help reunite children if they ever become separated from their parents. With up to 600 children being reported missing every day* in the UK, I hope you can agree this is an important goal.

It wasn't the above statistic that prompted me to create my company.

Instead, it was a very personal experience.

I was out with my family at a local Christmas market last year when my husband and I showed some interest in the products at one of the stalls. We looked closer, and in those few seconds both my children (aged 4 and 2) disappeared in to the crowd.

If you are a parent reading this then you can imagine what happened next.

Panic. Fear. Heart pounding.

I looked round frantically and called out their names. Then I called out a bit louder, and then louder again.

And then the crowd parted and I saw them just a few metres away at the next stall, talking to the owner about the chocolates on display that had distracted them in the first place.

It had been just a few seconds, but it had felt like hours. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, gave them both a big cuddle and tried to carry on the day.

But the feeling lingered, and that evening I sat down with my husband and we asked ourselves "What would we have done if we had actually lost them?"

We realised we would have probably pulled out our phones, found some pictures and asked everyone if they had seen our children. Add to the situation that our children are too young to describe what we look like, and that they don't know our phone numbers, and it would have been a really desperate situation.

So we did what anyone would do....fire up google and look for a product that could help.

But we were astounded to find barely anything available. In a world where we could instantly find our phones or computers if we lost them, there was almost nothing to help find our kids.

It was in that moment we decided to make exactly what we were looking for. A wearable, sturdy, non-allergic product with the means to contain all the information a child would need to get in contact with their parents, and send them their location. The SmartBand was born, and we called our company Adiona after the Roman goddess of the safe return journey home.

We really hope you take solace in knowing your child is safer with a SmartBand on their wrist.

Here's to making the world safer for our children.

Milly autograph

*source https://fullfact.org/online/missing-trafficked-children/